Halal Income Report – January 2018

Got to wear a black tie this month which was really fun!

Welcome to my Halal Income Report for January 2018.  I have got behind on them so I am now catching up.

If you have not seen my last report then you can find it here:

The aim of these Halal Income Reports is to help me stay accountable and to show myself and my readers the progress I am making.  Since I have started doing this, it has definitely given me a better understanding of my business.

I hope it inspires others to make money online and start to take the action to change their lives.

Income Overview

  • Total Sales: £161.88 / $210.44 approx
  • Total Expenses: -£235.38 / -$255.23 approx
  • Total Loss: -£73.50 /-$44.79 approx
  • Difference from last month: -£378.98 / -$291.52 approx

This is the first Halal Income Report where I have reported a loss.  This is mainly because I  will be doing Freelance Web Developer.  This has involved some startup expenses.  I will go into that in more detail below.

Merch by Amazon

This month I made $210.44 from Merch by Amazon.  This is the lowest I have made since posting my income online.

The main reason for this is because I have focused on trying to get my freelance business going.  Therefore I have not concentrated much on Merch by Amazon.  Once my freelance business takes off, then I plan to get back into Merch by Amazon.


Etsy + Printful integration

I have decided to pause this for longer while I get my freelance business going.

Freelancing Setup

In my last income report, I wrote about how I am going to do freelance Web Developing.  The reason for this is because I want to get more income while I develop my Merch business.  My work background is is that I have worked as a Web Developer.

In order to run this business, I needed some startup costs.  The main cost this month has been setting up business cards:


Freelance Research

This month, I have been doing some research and training on how to get freelance work.

The main websites I found that are good for Freelacne work are as follow:


Probably the biggest site out there for Freelance jobs for Web development.  If you look on there job feed, they have a constant stream of new work.


Another big website for freelance jobs.  Very simillar to upWork.com.


You have to apply to get into this website.

Bidding for jobs

I have registered for these websites.  This month I have been learning about how to use these sites.

Next month I will be bidding on Freelance jobs.  I will keep updated on my progress.

Setting up my Freelance website

This month I also set up a website for my Freelance business.  I created it with WordPress and a premium WordPress theme.

My freelance website – kineticflip.com

You can visit my website here: Kinetic Flip

Healthy Routine

Last month, I wrote about my new healthy routine which is focused on improving knee strength as I recently had a hamstring strain.

This has been going really well.  I having been able to follow this pretty much every night.

February Goals

  • Start bidding on freelance jobs.
  • Pause Merch by Amazon work while I focus on Freelance work.
  • Continue with Healthy routine.

Wrap up

I have decided to pause Merch by Amazon while I focus on freelance.  I found I was getting distracted with too much going on.  I hope this will allow me to accelerate my Freelance business.


I have a detailed breakdown of my income below:

GBP – Pounds (I live in the UK) US Dollars . Approx depending on Exchange Rate, currently using £1.3 = $1
Merch by Amazon* £161.88 $210.44
Etsy* £0.00 $0.00
Total Sales £161.88 $210.44
Domain Names -£27.32 -$35.52
Etsy Fees* £0.00 $0.00
Market Place Fees -£11.73 -$15.25
Bank Charges -£8.01 -$10.41
Transport to events -£25.00 -$32.50
Freelance Business Cards -£48.00 -$62.40
Quick Books -£8.40 -$10.92
Google Drive -£7.99 -$10.39
Adobe Illustrator -£17.15 -$22.30
iTunes – Storage & Apps -£0.79 -$1.03
Hosting £0.00 $0.00
Merch Informer -£5.91 -$7.68
General Sock Graphics -36.66 -$47.66
Training -£38.42 -$49.95
Total Expenses -£235.38 -$255.23
Total Profit: -£73.50 -$44.79

Until next time, keep your Muslim Hustle going.

Muslim Hustle Guy