30 Day $500 Challenge Update 1

I explain how I will get $500 of online income using Print on Demand in the next 30 days.

I have decided to do a 30 day challenge to really push myself.  The aim of this challenge is to make $500 of revenue within the next 30 days using Print on Demand.  The most I have ever made is is $200.  So I plan to push myself in the next 30 days to increase my sales.

I explain in detail about this post in the video below:

If you do not know what Print On Demand is, then check out my other post: What is Print on Demand and why is it my main Halal Hustle?

Merch by Amazon

My main source of income will be using the Merch by Amazon platform.  The reason for this is that so far this has been my main source of income.  Amazon has got the most organic traffic which drives the most sales for me.

The restriction I have with Merch by Amazon is that I am on the 500 tier.  Which means that I can sell a maximum of 500 t-shirts at any one time and can upload 10 t-shirts per day.  This is fine for me as I usually only can upload 5 t-shirts a day and sill have space for 300 more t-shirts.

Etsy & Printful Integration

A company called Printful has recently launched an integration with Etsy.  Which allows you to quickly list products on Etsy.  I have started using this recently so will be using this as well to try and increase sales.

Unlike Merch by Amazon, there is no restriction in terms of how many t-shirts I can have for sale.

Thanks Giving

I am focusing a lot on Thanksgiving.  As it is a massive Holiday in the USA and a lot of t-shirts sell during this time.  A good way to increase sales is by targeting a popular trend or event.  This is what I hope to do with Thanksgiving.

Trying different designs on different platforms

My other strategy is to find popular items on one Print on Demand platform and try putting it on another platform.  For example, a design might be selling really well on Merch by Amazon.  However, it may not exist on Etsy.  By transferring it to Etsy, it means that I have a good chance to sell it and there is no competition.


This is going to be my main gameplan:

  • Upload at least 5 designs every day to Merch By Amazon.
  • Make sure those 5 designs are also added to Printful & Etsy.
  • Find popular designs on Pinterest and put them into Merch by Amazon.
  • Find popular designs on Merch by Amazon and put them into Printful & Etsy.

I will keep you updated

So the challenge starts today and I will keep you updated!

Until next time, keep Halal Hustling.

Halal Hustle Guy