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Salaams and Welcome!

My name is Iqbal and I live with my beautiful wife and son in the UK, London.

This blog is about my journey to creating my own Financial freedom and living my life on my terms.  I am also a Muslim and whatever I do needs to fit in with my Islamic beliefs.  So I hope you join me on this journey by following my blog.

Growing Up

I grew up in the UK, London.  My family immigrated from Bangladesh.  I then did the usual thing of going to University and getting a degree in Computing.

Straight after University, I did a round the world trip which I absolutely loved.  I definitely got the travel bug.  The countries I visited included India, Thailand, Malaysia, Austraila and USA.

Working in the Real World

After university, I worked for many years at various different Computer companies.  The thing I didn’t like was that I ended up working lots of hours with very little holiday time.

There was also a lot of stress and dealing with people that you did not want to work with.  You also have to commute in each day which was at least 2 hours on busy crammed trains.

There had to be a better way.

The books that changed me

Around 2010, my brother was telling me about a couple of books that his friend read.

These were:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • The 4 Hour Work Work by Tim Ferriss.

These books are really popular and many people have read them.

These books totally changed how I think about the world. Rich Dad Poor Dad taught me that by working a 9-5 was not the way to make real money.  I needed to create a business and invest my money.  The key was to develop assets.

I always thought to have a business would be a lot of stress and just take up a lot of hours. The 4 Hour Work Work taught me otherwise.  He managed to set up a business that freed up his time so he could do whatever he wanted to do.

Failing at Business

Since growing up I have tried a bunch of things to make more money.  Like reselling concert and show tickets at a higher price or selling things on eBay.  These things didn’t make me any real money so I moved on to set up some online businesses.

I thought that setting up my own online business would be quite quick.  However, I was very wrong.

My first online business was setting up affiliate sites about popular video games.  However, this was not making me enough money so I had to move on to something else.

I then created an Amazon Seller account and started reselling thing I would buy from local shops.  I made some good money selling Disney products.  The problem with this was that I had to manage a lot of physical stock which was very tiring.  Also, I ended up wasting a lot of money on products that would stop selling.

My Current Business

Right now I am focusing on a business which sells clothing online.  These t-shirts are printed on demand.  The companies that I use handle the entire printing and shipping process.  I have to focus on creating designs and getting the sales.

The great thing about this is that all I need is a laptop and can work from anywhere.  You can also make money while you sleep.  This is not dependent on the amout of hours you work.

So far I have made a few hundred dollars doing this.

Setting up this blog

For many years now I have been reading blogs and books about getting your financial freedom and general lifestyle productivity books.  However, I have always wanted to read something from a Muslim angle.

Therefore I set this blog up to scratch my own itch.  I will be sharing my journey and hope to connect and inspire other people.

What this blog will focus on

The main things I am focusing now are to do are:

  • Setting up a Halal Online business so I can work from anywhere with just a laptop
  • Free up my time so I can spend more time with my family, learning about Islam and having more fun!
  • Learning how to manage and invest my money in a Halal way.
  • Staying fit and healthy so I can still run around as I get older!
  • Inspiring other people to do the same.
  • Halal food and restaurants.  I love food so always want to hear about new cool places to go to.
  • Travel more – there are so many other parts of the world I need to visit.
  • Connecting with other people

So please stay tuned and come along for the ride!

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