Welcome to my Halal Income Report for February 2018.

If you have not seen my last report then you can find it here:

The aim of these Halal Income Reports is to help me stay accountable and to show myself and my readers the progress I am making.  Since I have started doing this, it has definitely given me a better understanding of my business.

I hope it inspires others to make money online and start to take the action to change their lives.

Income Overview

  • Total Sales: £178.19 / $231.65 approx
  • Total Expenses: -£201.49 / -$261.94 approx
  • Total Loss: -£23.30 / -$30.29 approx
  • The difference from last month: £50.20 / $65.26 approx

I am still making a loss this month.  The main reason for this is because I have had to make some investments for my freelance business.  I also have not been uploading to Merch by Amazon and just focusing on the freelance business for now.

Merch by Amazon

I have not made that much on Merch by Amazon this month.  However, the great thing about this is that I have hardly done anything with Merch by Amazon yet I have managed to get some decent money.

This fits in with my long-term strategy, of making something once, and getting paid for it over and over again.  When you do a regular job, you only get paid for the hours you have worked. If you are not working then your not making money.  With Merch by Amazon, you can be making money while you are sleeping.

Which is why I do not want to freelance forever – I want to use it for income right now while I build up my Merch business.

I will get back to Merch by Amazon once I have got my freelance business up and running.  This should be next month.

Freelancing Training with Udemy Courses

I found some relatively cheap courses on Udemy that that were quite to help learn about different parts of Freelancing.

How to Dominate Freelancing on Upwork

This is a really good course that tells you tips and tricks on using UpWork.com.  UpWork.com is probably the most popular Freelance website up there.  Because of this, there are lots of freelancers on there.  This course tells you how to stand out and find good jobs.

What I also like about it is that its quite short and you can go through it in 3 hours.

Get Started & Find Success Freelancing on Upwork in 2018

The instructor on this course is a top freelancer on upWork.com.  The really great thing about his course is that she provides lots of good proposal examples.  So that when you apply for jobs, you can use these to help you quickly apply for these jobs.

The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

I aim to mainly offer services for Web Development & WordPress.  This course is great to teach you how to set up a business using WordPress.

Costs with Freelance Job Websites

Using websites like upWork & Freelancer are free. However, if you pay a monthly fee that is around $10 then you get a few more useful features.

The most useful things are knowing the lowest, highest and average bids for a project.  This helps you decide how much you want o bid on a project.

You also get more bid credits.  Which means that every month you will be able to bid on more projects than if you were on the free plan.  As the free account comes with fewer credits.

Bidding for jobs

I have bidded for lots of jobs through the 3 main freelance websiets.

These websites are:

  • UpWork
  • Freelancer
  • People Per Hour

So far I have not managed to get any jobs.

I did have some communication with potential clients.  However, when I dug further into the projects I realised that they wanted a lot of work for a really cheap cost.  Therefore , I passed on those jobs.  As they would have taken a long time to complete.

Healthy Routine

My Knee strengthening routine is going well.  I intend to keep going with it and then change it next month.

February Goals

  • Try and get my first freelance job – keep bidding on jobs.
  • Continue with my healthy routine.

Wrap up

I have made a good start with my freelance business.  I hope to continue building on this and try to get my first freelance job.

Also, it has been great getting money from Merch by Amazon even though I have not done much with it.


I have a detailed breakdown of my income below:

 GBP – Pounds (I live in the UK)US Dollars . Approx depending on Exchange Rate, currently using £1.3 = $1 
Merch by Amazon*£178.19$231.65* This is what Amazon should be depositing into my account the next month. This may change slightly depending on returns and other factors.
Total Sales£178.19$231.65
Domain Names-£7.98-$10.37
Etsy Fees*£0.00$0.00
Market Place Fees£0.00$0.00
Bank Charges£5.80$7.54
Transport to events£0.00$0.00
Quick Books-£8.40-$10.92
Google Drive-£7.99-$10.39
Adobe Illustrator-£19.97-$25.96
iTunes – Storage & Apps-£0.79-$1.03
Hosting-£10.94-$14.22*Upgraded my hosting
Merch Informer-£5.77-$7.50
General Stock Graphics0$0.00
WordPress Themes-£77.40
Freelance Costs-£8.75
Total Expenses-£201.49-$261.94
Total Profit:-£23.30-$30.29

Until next time, keep your Muslim Hustle going.

Muslim Hustle Guy