Halal Income Report - December 2017

Halal Income Report – December 2017

Welcome to my Halal Income Report for November 2017.  This has been a great month for me especially with Merch by Amazon.

If you have not seen my last report then you can find it here:

The aim of these Halal Income Reports is to help me stay accountable and to show myself and my readers the progress I am making.  Since I have started doing this, it has definitely given me a better understanding of my business.

I hope it inspires others to make money online and start to take the action to change their lives.

Income Overview

  • Total Sales:  £693.29 / $901.28
  • Total Expenses: -£298.84 / -$388.49
  • Total Profit: £394.95 / $512.79 .Approx

This has been a record month for me – my best month so far.  This is a great trend for me and I hope December continues this trend.

Merch by Amazon

I made around $900 in November purely from Merch by Amazon.  This is mainly because of the work I did early on which I talk about in the next section.

Merch by Amazon December 2017 Results

Merch by Amazon December 2017 Results

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sales Very Good

I made a lot of sales from Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

I spent a lot of time uploading lots of designs for these 2 events around 8 weeks before they happened.  This meant they had time to get indexed by Amazon well before the actual event occurred.

I will be doing this strategy for future events like Mothers and Fathers day.

Amazon Marketing Services Ads – AMS

I usually avoid any sort of Per Per Click advertising.   Mainly because I want to make good money before I invest in any sort of Marketing.  Also, it can be very complex and easy to get carried away and lose a lot of money.

In the Merch by Amazon Facebook groups, there is a lot talk about the Amazon Marketing Services platform.  Which allows you to create ads for your Merch by Amazont=shirts.

There is a bit of a hack to get signed up.  This hack is quite easy to do and allows you to do ads for your products.

The great thing about this is you can set them up in a way that minimises how much money you will spend on the ads.  This strategy involves setting up a daily limit of $5 and a cost per click of 10cent.  You barely spend any money when you set your ads like this and yet you can make some sales.

For example, I made a sale of $19.99 by spending 20cents.  This is great value for money.

Amazon AMS results

Amazon AMS results – I made $19.98 from 0.19cent ad spend.

What I also love about this is that it is so simple.  If you have ever tried Facebook Ads then you will find this straightforward.  Also, I do not think many people are doing this.  So it should give me an advantage over other sellers.

I have only recently started doing this so I will keep you updated on my progress.

Etsy + Printful integration

I am not making many sales with my Etsy & Printful integration.  So I decided to pause it for now.  Otherwise, it would require me to be constantly changing shipping settings as we hit shipping deadlines for the holiday season.

I decided because I was not getting any sales it was not worth the hassle to mess around with Shipping profiles.  So I decided to pause my Etsy store to stop any customers from getting upset with late packages.

Renamed the blog to Muslim Hustle Guy

I decided to name the blog to Muslim Hustle Guy.  The reason for this is that I noticed most of the blogs with Halal in the title are usually related to Food.

Although I will be sometimes talking about Food, I wanted the blog to sound more in line with Muslim income, business an dlifestyle.  Therefore, after a lot of thought, I decided to go with Muslim Hustle Guy.  I hope you like it.

Healthy Goal Missed

I did not do my healthy goal of 20 pushups and 10 chin ups every day.

I believe the main reason  for not doing it is because I did not schedule it on my calendar.

I have no excuses so now I plan to do them every morning before I even check a computer.  I have scheduled it onto my Calendar to remind me every day.

December Goals

  • Continue uploading and filling slots on Merch by Amazon.
  • Create Amazon AMS adverts for every new t-shirt that is uploaded.
  • Do 20 pushups and 10 pullups every day at 10am in the morning.

Wrap up

This has been a great month for me.  Merch by Amazon continues to be my main income.

I am also excited about the Amazon AMS platform.  I feel like I am getting into this early so it should give me an advantage over other sellers.


I have a detailed breakdown of my income below:

GBP – Pounds (I live in the UK)US Dollars . Approx depending on Exchange Rate, currently using £1.3 = $1
Merch by Amazon*£693.29$901.28* This is what Amazon should be depositing into my account the next month. This may change slightly depending on returns and other factors.
Total Sales£693.29$901.28
Admin Fees£0.00$0.00
Etsy Fees*-£1.93-$2.51Fees for listings that have not sold
General Market Place Fees-£28.40-$36.92This includes Printful charges.
Bank Charges-£11.59-$15.07
General Sock Graphics0$0.00Paid for a Yearly subscription to save money in the long run.
Stock Images – Envato*-£199.49-$259.34*Paid for an annual account
Quick Books-£8.40-$10.92
Google Drive-£7.99-$10.39
iTunes – Storage & Apps-£0.79-$1.03
Merch Informer-£6.10-$7.93
Adobe Illustrator-£17.15-$22.30
Domain Names£0.00$0.00
Bank Charges-£17.00-$22.10
Total Expenses-£298.84-$388.49
Total Profit:£394.45$512.79

Until next time, keep your Muslim Hustle going.

Muslim Hustle Guy