This month has been my best month so far in terms of online income.  The main reason for this is because of the 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand.

You can find videos and see my whole progress on the 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand starting from here:

UPDATE 1: 30 Day $500 Challenge – Make $500 using Print On Demand

The aim of these Halal Income reports is to help me stay accountable and to show myself and my readers the progress I am making.  Since I have started doing this, it has definitely given me a better understanding of my business.

I hope it inspires others to make money online and start to take the action to change their lives.

Income Overview

  • Total Sales:  £378.83 / $492.48
  • Total Expenses: -£133.54 / -$173.50
  • Total Profit: £245.29 / $318.88 .Approx

This is the most I have ever made.  I hope to keep building on this in the coming months.

30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand

This month I have been doing a 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand.  This has been great for giving me focus and really helped to push me.

You can follow along with my progress on this here:

UPDATE 1: 30 Day $500 Challenge – Make $500 using Print On Demand

Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is my main income.  This platform has been great for me.  As we get closer towards the end of the year, I have seen my sales increase.

I have focused on utilizing my slots to maximise the most number of shirts I have available.  This has helped me get more sales and should help tier up to the 1000 tier once I have made 500 sales in total.

You can see my total income from Merch by Amazon below:

Merch by Amazon Ocotber 2017 Results

Big Income from  Thanksgiving

I have also focused on Thanksgiving and this has brought in the bulk of my income from Merch by Amazon.  In particular, one shirt has done really well and brought in over $100.

Etsy + Printful integration

I have put up a lot of designs on to Etsy using the Printful integration.  I made my first 2 sales.  This is great as its good evidence that Etsy can bring in sales.

I have started putting up a lot more designs and want to see if I can get some more sales.

After listening to a few podcasts, I have decided to also put up different types of products.  These include Mugs and Hoodies.  This way I am diversifying and selling things that are not available from Merch by Amazon.

Blogging and the Income Boss course

As mentioned in my last Halal Income Report, I invested in the Income Boss course to help with my blog.  I have been really enjoying it and it feels great now I have been added quite a few posts.

I have been focusing on blogging about the 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand.  I hope that people will enjoy seeing me make progress and get good inspiration.

I also have been doing Halal Income Reports this month.  As Income Reports are what I love reading on other blogs.  So my thinking is that this will be good content for others.

November Goals

  • Make sure I continue to use all slots on Merch by Amazon.
  • Put up a lot more different types of products on Etsy – such as Mugs and Hoodies.
  • Upload products to target hobbies and family member t-shirts – e.g. Uncle and Grandma t-shirts.  As these should be good ideas in Q4.
  • My healthy goal.  Do 20 pushups and 10 pull ups everyday.

Wrap up

This month I am really proud that I have made the most amount of money online ever.  This is mainly because Merch by Amazon and the 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand.

This gives me that belief that I can go on to generate even more income.  This also shows that Print on Demand is a great way to create online income.


I have a detailed breakdown of my income below.

GBP – Pounds (I live in the UK)US Dollars Approx. depending on Exchange Rate, currently using £1.3 = $1
Merch by Amazon*£329.39$428.21* This is what Amazon should be deposited into my account the next month. This may change slightly depending on returns and other factors.
Etsy*£49.44$64.27*I have some Printful fulfillment costs involved that will come out next month. So this is revenue and not profit.
Total Sales£378.83$492.48
Admin Fees-£13.00-$16.90
Etsy Fees£0.00$0.00
General Sock Graphics£0.00$0.00
Stock Images – Envato-£26.47-$34.41
Quick Books-£8.40-$10.92
Google Drive-£7.99-$10.39
iTunes – Storage & Apps-£0.79-$1.03
Merch Informer-£6.13-$7.97
Amazon Seller Central-£36.61-$47.59
Adobe Illustrator-£17.15-$22.30
Domain Names£0.00$0.00
Bank Charges-£17.00-$22.10
Total Expenses-£133.54-$87.88
Total Profit:£245.29$318.88

Until next time, keep Halal Hustling.

Halal Hustle Guy