This is my second Income Report.  If you have not read my first income report then can read it here to see my progress: Income Report – August 2017

The aim of these reports to help me stay accountable and to show myself and my readers the progress I am making.  Since I have started doing this, it has definitely given me a better understanding of my business.

Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is the main source of my income.  This is my main focus as it has given me the most success.

I am on the 500 tier.  Which means that I can have a maximum of 500 t-shits for sale.  I am currently trying to fill up these slots so I can maximise what I have for sale.

In last income report, I stated how much listed how much money Merch by Amazon deposited into my bank account.  However, this is the money from the previous month. as Merch by Amazontakes 30 days to deposit the money into your account.

So what I have decided to do now is show the projected amount into account for all the sales in September.  I believe this is a better way of showing how I performend in September.


Etsy + Printful integration

So far no sales with this platform.  I am still learning about it and hope to have some sales soon.

Income Boss Training Course

I have invested in a Blogging course by Johnny FD.  The reason I did this is because I am a big fan of Johnny’s and have been following him closely.  He has good morals and does things ethically as well has having a really successful blog.

This course has allowed me to really improve my blog.  It has given me good ideas to things to write about as well as how to use social media to imprt o gain more traffic.  Another big part of the course is how to your monetise  blog while making sure the blog is reputable.

I will update this blog and keep you updated with my progress.

Changed Hosting to Siteground

I changed my hosting provider for my website to Siteground.  This required a really cheap upfront payment for hosting for the whole year.  So far they have been really good.

Previously I was with Hostgator for years.  I was paying $11 every month.  As an introductory offer, Siteground is costing me $30 for the whole year.  The price goes up after the first year.

Domain Names

I changed my Domain address to  The reason I did this is that I wanted my blog to reflect that it is a personal blog and give it a more authentic feel.

I buy my domain names from  I have been using them for 8 years and always found them great.


I have made a loss this month and this is mainly because I have invested in the Income Boss course.  I hope to have made a profit for my next month.

Wrap up

I have continued to make steady sales with Merch by Amazon.  I will contiune to make it my main focus.

The Etsy & Printful integration opportunity looks amazing and I will carry on working on that and get my first sale.  What I love about it is how quick and easy it is.

I am really excited about the Income Boss course by Johnny FD.  I am really enjoying it and love seeing the progress I am making on my blog.

Until next time, keep Halal Hustling.

Halal Hustle Guy