In this post, I will talk about some ways of making your first $100 of Halal online income.  These are all great ways to start making money and can even be something that leads to a full-time income.


Minimum start up costs

I do not believe in going into debt for starting a business.  That’s why all of these methods listed below do not require a lot of upfront costs to get started.  As you start getting more income, you can re-invest it into your business.

Re-selling / Flipping

This is how I started my online business adventures. I would buy things cheap and sell them on sites like eBay and Amazon.Especially during the Christmas and end of the year.  For example, I use to buy Disney dolls that were exclusive to the Disney store for £15. I would then put these on Amazon and sell them for £50.  They also use to sell really quickly.

Elsa Frozen Doll

Some of the first products I sold – Elsa dolls.  Photo by Angel.


There are many ways to create an income with your passion or something you like to talk about. A blog is a great way to do this. You can talk about topics that interest you and then promote products that you actually use and believe in. The key thing is to build up your trust and reputation and this can time.

Halal Hustle Guy Blog

My blog. As you can see there is the potential to monetize it with adverts and affiliate links.


The Amazon Kindle platform is a great way to make an online income. You do not need to make these books yourself. You can hire someone to write the book for you. Also, many of the books that make good money are not very long.  For example, creating a short eBook about how to solve a particular problem can do really well. This can be anything from cleaning your fish tank to traveling around Thailand.

Once you have the book created then you can keep getting paid for it.  As it will be up on the Amazon platform and customers can keep buying it.  This makes eBooks are a great form of recurring income.  As you keep adding more eBooks then the more recurring income you will get.  So the key thing to do is to build up your collection of books.

Online Courses

Creating an online course is another great way to make money. There are many platforms to do this now. Such as Udemy and Teachable. People do courses about all sorts of things.  From Knitting to how to use the iPhone.

Once you have the course created, then you can keep getting paid for it just like eBooks.


Udemy is a popular platform for online training courses.

Print On Demand

My main Halal hustle at the moment is Print On Demand. This is where you sell different types of clothing online. The main thing about this is that these products are only created and shipped when a customer buys them. This means you do not need to invest in Inventory.  The most popular product sold are t-shirts.  However, there are also lots of other popular products like mugs and pillow covers.

There are literally lots of ways to do this with many online platforms available.


This is an example of a t-shirt that I sell. This currently does not exist. If will only get created and printed when someone buys it.

The main platform I would recommend is Merch By Amazon. The main barrier to this is that there is a waiting list to join.  Because of the big demand to join, it can take several months before you get your invite. They also have a tiering system which is based on the number of sales you have.  So you will need to work your up before you start making some good money.

Merch By Amazon

This is my Merch By Amazon. I have 192 t-shirts available to buy.

This is the main source of my current online income. So what I recommend is that you submit an invite and then use some of the other platforms while you are waiting.

Some of the other platforms you should try are SunFrog and RedBubble.

The way print on demand platforms work is that you create designs using a graphics program and then upload it to these platforms.  You then select the type of product you want to sell and make it available for a customer to buy.  Once a customer buys a product, the platform will print and ship the product.  They will then charge you the cost of doing this and you keep the rest as profit.

Adobe Illustrator is probably the most popular application to use when designing t-shirts.

This is a great hustle and the area I am focusing on.


Freelancing platforms – Upwork / Freelancer

Upwork and Freelancer are platforms where you can offer your freelancing services. These include services like copywriting, design and coding.

Look through these platforms and see what there is on offer that you could do too.

Search through Upwork for jobs that you could possibly do.

Drop Shipping – my view is that it is Halal

Drop Shipping is another area which requires minimal investment. The way drop shipping works is that when a customer buys something from you, you forward it to your drop shipper supplier.  The will pack and ship the item for you. You do not need to touch the item and do not invest in inventory.

There have been questions raised about is this model is halal.  From my research, I believe that it is Halal.  You may want to do your own research to confirm this.

The most popular way to find a drop shipper is using the Ali Express website.  This site has a lots of suppliers who will drop ship for you.

Ali Express is a quick way to get into drop shipping.

The most popular way to get sales is by utilizing Amazon and eBay.  For example, you will see a lot of jewellery accessories on eBay.  Many of these are actually drop shipped from China.

Takes time and hard work to create a Halal online business

Creating an online business takes time and daily action. You need to give yourself a good amount of time. I would say at least 6 months.

Don’t be scared to fail and to make mistakes. The best way of learning is by doing.

However, if you really don’t like it what you’re doing or find something better, then make the switch.

What about Passive Income?

I believe all income takes time. I use to think that there must be an easy way to get passive income. I must have spent years doing this. I would avoid doing certain businesses just because they were not passive enough.

I have now come to believe that to develop serious passive income takes a lot of work.

Don’t wait, Start today

The biggest takeaway I want you guys to get from this is to take action. Try things out and keep going. Setbacks are only a natural part of the learning process.

I have tried many businesses and I wish I had kept going with some of those instead of jumping onto something new so quickly. For example, I tried selling Print On Demand t-shirts a long time ago. I didn’t spend enough time doing it before I jumped onto something new. Now I am back to focusing on Print On Demand. Who knows where I would be if I had continued working on it.