In this post, I talk about some of my favorite travel destinations.  I absolutely love traveling to different parts of the world.  Part of the reason why I want to develop an online business is so that I can generate more income to travel.  Travel was also the inspiration behind my logo.  Which is a crescent moon and a little airplane – to symbolize my love for travelling to Halal friendly Travel destinations.


I love Istanbul and went there recently.  All the food is Halal, there are Mosques everywhere and its super cheap,


As I am sure most of you know already, it is a Muslim country and all the food is Halal.

The local Turkish food is great with amazing Turkish breakfasts and fresh kebabs.  The food is really fresh and tasty.  Even just the humous is really nice.

Also, food is really cheap.  You can get a kebab wrap with a drink for approx. £1.5 / $2.

Turkey also has lots of the popular fast food chains which are Halal as well.  So you can get your fast food fix in.  One of my favorites is Shake Shack.  I highly recommend you try out their cheeseburger.

Great Markets

I love visiting Markets and getting all the Buzz.  There are lots of places where they sell spices and Baklava.  The smell is amazing.

Also, some of the best local food can be found at the Markets.  I had this sweet pastry dish called Kunefa which was amazing and the best thing I ate when I was in Istanbul.

I also tried this crazy thing called kokoreç.  Which is lambs neck surrounded by lambs intestines.  Personally, I found it a bit chewy but I had to try it.

Amazing Blue Mosque

Probably the most famous site in Istanbul is the Blue Mosque.  This place is amazing.  You can go inside and pray as well.    The grounds around it are also really nice.

There are also lots of shops and restaurants near by.  So you can easily spend a day there.

Easy to get around

Istanbul has good transport links.  They have a good tram network in the central part of Istanbul which makes it easy get around the main sites.


Dubai is an amazing and over the top place for Muslims.

Amazing Hotels

The quality of everything is amazing in Dubai.  Probably the best in the world.  THe Hotels are an amazing standard with great customer service.

When I stayed there, the bed in my room was super comfortable.  The best bed I have ever slept on!

Amazing Restaurants which are Halal

Dubai has amazing top quality restaurants that you will not find anywhere else.  A lot of famous chefs have restaurants in Dubai which gives us the opportunity to try food that we can eat elsewhere.

For example, Gordon Ramsey has a restaurant in Dubai which is all Halal.  This means you can experience the entire menu unlike in London.

More Great Halal Fast Food Chains then anywhere else

I generally eat healthy food but when I am on holiday I like to go all out.  I love all types of fast food so Dubai is the best place for Halal food from all the popular US American chains.

They simply have everything any Muslim could ask for.  This includes Shake Shake, Five Guys, Wendys, Burger King and KFC.  I would usually go to one of the food courts in a shopping mall and try out the different fast food places there.

Another funny thing is that I usually see lots of Western Muslims whenever I go to one of these fast food places.  Seems like all of us Muslims like our Halal fast food.

Water Parks

I had to mention Water Parks as I love them.  The great thing about the Water Parks in Dubai is that serve Halal food and have places to pray.  Also, they do not allow any alcohol in the parks which gives them a really nice family atmosphere.


THe only thing with Dubai is that it can be super expensive.  Especially if you have a family.  I found the food and Hotels on average cost more than those here in London, UK.

In order to save a bit of money, I would generally find a Hotel that includes breakfast and have a snack for lunch.  I would then keep the most of my money for dinner when I would go all out!

Recommend Dubai for a stop over

Dubai is ideal for a stopover for a few days before you fly onwards to another destination.  The main reason is that it is a big transport hub and lots of flights go through there.  So rather than specifically fly there, you could just include it as part of another holiday.  You really only need a few days to see most of Dubai.


This is a beautiful city and great for Muslims.

Lots of Halal food.  Big Turkish community.

There is a big Turkish community so you will find lots of Turkish kebab restaurants everywhere.

Another great thing is that some of these places serve Halal German sausages which the local favourite for Berliners.  A really famous dish that you must try is a Halal Curry Wurst.  Which is a sausage covered with german Curry sauce.  This is probably the most famous dish in Berlin.

Bread & Baking

Berlin is famous for its baking.  They sell amazing bread and pasties.  Make sure you try out the Cinamon rolls and the Pretzel with butter inside it.

Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian food is getting really big in Berlin.  A lot more people are getting healthy and you can usually find vegetarian options in most places.  There are even lots of places that serve Vegan food.

Cool Hipster Vibe

Berlin has a cool hipster feel about it.  You can find lots of cool buildings and street art around the city.  I really love that about the city.

Lots of History about the World War & Berlin Wall

Germany has a lot of amazing yet tragic History which they are very open about.  I was fascinated learning about the World War and the Berlin wall.  They do a great job in sharing this history with the people.

Great Transport

Berlin has a large amazing Metro system which allows you go get around all over Berlin.  We went to all the main attractions and Markets using the Metro.

Another amazing thing is they have super fast wifi on the metro that is totally free.

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

I love Malaysia and am planning to go again.

Amazing Cheap Halal food

Malaysian food is one of my favorite types of food.  I find it is a great combination of Chinese and Indian food.  My favorite dish is Nasi Goreng.

When in Malaysia, the food is really cheap. The food is also all really tasty and fresh.   So make sure you try all of it out.

Another cool thing is they have lots of different types of fruit and vegetables.  Make sure you try out Durian.  It is smelly but very nice.

Shopping Mall Food Courts

I found the best places to try out the food is shopping mall food courts.  Because they have lots different types of food stalls all in one place.  You end up seeing things that you had not seen before so would try them out.

Lots of cool Parks, buildings, and buzz

Kuala Lumpur has a great buzz and I loved just walking around and checkout out.  There are lots of cool buildings like the Petronas Towers and amazing Mosques.  This is what makes it so exciting and fun.

Just walk around and soak it all in.


If you are in Malaysia then make sure you take a quick stop in Singapore.

Super Clean and unlike anything.

Singapore is a great place that is super clean.  I went to the park and the grass was pristine.  You dont see any litter anywhere as they are so strict.

Also, eveything is so new and efficient.  We used the Taxi and the buses which were all really new and had amazing Air Conditioning.

This is just one of those place you have to visit to see it in real life and experience.

Lots Halal food

There are lot’s of halal food options available.  You can get simillar food as Malaysia as well as Singapore specialities like Hainanese Chicken rice.

Future Plans

I still plan to visit more countries and places.  High on my list are different parts of Malaysia, South Africa and Brazil.

Until next time, happy Halal Hustling,


Halal Hustle Guy