In this post, I am going to talk about my Halal investment strategy.  My plan is to retire in 10 years.

I got to thinking about this after reading about a blogger called Mr. Money Moustache.  He retired when he was 30 and explained how he did it on his blog.

Invest in myself and my business

This is the biggest priority for me.  By investing in my business and increasing my income. I can make the biggest return.

The way I see it, there is no point investing money into regular investments if I don’t have enough money to invest in the first place.

So the main goal for me is to increase my earning power.  The best way to this is by continuing to invest in my business.  Potentially, there is no limit to how much money a business could make me.  With a job, you are limited to by the amount of hours you can work.

If my business takes off, then I will have money which I can invest.


I really enjoy blogging.  The reason why I have put my blog into my investment strategy is that it is something I enjoy and something which could help me bring in more money in the future.  Even if I were to retire, I still feel that my blog is something that I will continue to do because I enjoy it so much.

Ways this blog could bring me more money is via affiliate links, adverts, and speaking engagements.

However, another great thing about the blog is that it could connect me to other people and expose me to different investment opportunities.

I have read many books and listened to many Podcasts which all say that meeting people is the most important thing you can do for your business.  So that’s what I am hoping this blog will help me do.

Halal Index Funds

Index funds are the main way that Mr. Money MOustache invested in to allow him to retire.  However, I plan to invest in Halal Index funds.  As mentioned before, I only plan to do this once my business has taken off and I have a got amount of spare income.

Index funds are generally considered good investments for the long term.  This is where your money split up and invested in every single company within a stock market.  E.g. If you used an Index fund from the USA, your money would be split into companies like Apple, Tesla, and Amazon.  This is a really simple form of investment.

Many Investment funds will charge you a lot of money for managing the fund.  Over the course of a long period, this can eat into a lot of your profits.  Because Index funds are so simple, the fees are cheap.

Index funds have also shown to outperform regular investment funds which are managed by a fund manager.  In regular funds, you are dependent on the fund manager to pick the right companies.

The key thing with index funds is that you will get a share of profits from some of the companies you have invested in.  This is known as a dividend.  Rather than take that money out, you should re-invest in back in.  This will make your investment compound and in the long run, it can build up to a lot of money.

Hopefully, by the time you come to retire, you will have a big pot within your index fund.  At that stage, you can then start taking the dividends out and using that for your income.

Index funds are a long-term play, so give it some time.

Invest in other businesses

I also plan to invest in other businesses.  This way, I can leave others to do the work and free up my time.  Again, I can only do this once I have built up a good income from my business.

The key investing in other businesses is finding the right opportunities.  Therefore, part of my plan with this blog is to hopefully connect with others and potentially hear about good opportunities.

Cryptocurrency / BitCoin – highly risky

This is something I am looking into recently.  You might have heard of BitCoin which is the most popular form of Cryptocurrency.

This is more volatile and risky.  However, the potential return could be very good.

I will talk about this in my future post.

Time plan

The current time plan I have is to my get my business really going in the next 6 months.  Once this is going, I intend to start investing with Index Funds.

My plan is to retire within 10 years.  Which is a high goal but I need something to aim towards.

Will keep you updated

I plan to keep you updated as I learn more info and start investing more heavily.  So stay tuned and I will let you know how I get on!

Until next time, Happy Halal Hustling,

Halal Hustle Guy