UPDATE 2: 30 Day Challenge

UPDATE 2: 30 Day Challenge

Welcome to my second update for the $500 30 Day Challenge using Print On Demand.  If you have not read the first installment then you can find that here: http://muslimhustleguy.com/2017/09/29/30-day-500-challenge-make-500-using-print-on-demand/

I have changed my strategy which has meant that sales have slowed down,  However, I expect to reap the benefits of this strategy as I get towards the end of the challenge.

I go through this post and explain my progress so far in this video:

Money Earned so Far

Merch by Amazon: $47.47

Etsy: $8

TOTAL: $55.47

Changing Strategy – Targetting Top Events & Trends

In order to really boost sales, I decided to change strategy and to target big event and trends.

For the past 5 days, I have been uploading a lot of Thanksgiving t-shirts and New Year shirts.  I do not expect to make lots of sales straight away.  The different platforms need time to index them. So that as it gets closer to the end of the month these events my shirts should start picking up sales.

I will also be looking for top trends. So far I have not done much on Trends but I aim to to do so going forward.

Finding Hot Trends Using Google Trends & Reddit

I have read about someone on Facebook who made a lot of sales using Google Trends and Reddit to find top trends.  For example. one of the biggest trends was the Solar Eclipse in the USA which happened in August 2017.  The people that made a lot of money in this area got their t-shirts uploaded early.

Google Trends seems to be a popular tool people use to find trends.  As it shows you all the popular searches and what people are interested in right now.

Reddit is a massively popular online community where people can share links and vote on them.  I did not realize how popular this was until recently.  So I have started looking into this and will continue to do so.

Using Pinterest

I have found Pinterest really useful for finding good shirt ideas.  My strategy to find designs that were popular on Pinterest yet not on Etsy or Merch by Amazon.

This was particularly useful for Thanksgiving and New Years shirt ideas.

I will continue doing this as I go through the challenge.

I also found a good Chrome extension which sorts the most pinned items on Pintrest called Pin On Top.  Making it easier for you to find the most popular posts.

Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is still my best earning platform.  However, Sales have slowed down as I have been dedicating my time to focusing on Events and Trends. I am hoping this will pay off as we get towards the end of the challenge.

Below are the results from Merch by Amazon for the last 5 days.

Merch by Amazon Results

My Merch by Amazon for the last 5 days.

Etsy + Printful Integration

So far I have not made a single sale on Etsy & Printful integration.  However, I expect this to be a good income as we get closer towards the end of the month.  The great thing is that it is quick to upload designs.

Also, Etsy has a different type of shopper compared to Amazon.  So its good to spread my designs.

One strategy I will be using is finding good designs on Merch by Amazon and put them on Etsy.  Especially designs that not available on Etsy but selling well on Merch by Amazon.

My separate Etsy store

I also have a separate Etsy store which I created before I learned about the Etsy & Printful integration.  I do not upload to this store as it takes longer to upload designs.  The Etsy & Printful integration is much easier.

Surprisingly, I made a sale using this site having not touched it for a very long time.  So you never know what will happen.  You just need to upload designs everywhere.

Game Plan for next 5 days

– Focus on uploading designs for Events and Hot trends.
– Learn to use Google Trends and Reddit to find new trends and ideas.
– Find popular designs from Merch by Amazon and put them on Etsy using the Printful integration.

Until next time, keep Halal Hustling.

Halal Hustle Guy