UPDATE 3: 30 Day $50 Challenge

UPDATE 3: 30 Day $50 Challenge

This is my 3rd update in the 30 day challenge.  If you haven’t read the previous update then you can do so by going here:


I have also made a video going over this post:

Money Earned so Far

Merch by Amazon: $93.46

Etsy: $8

TOTAL: $101.46

As you can see, I am still a way off from my $500 target.  I am hoping the earlier work I did with Thanksgiving and New Year day will start to kick in towards the end of the month.

Merch by Amazon

My earnings so far from Merch by Amazon are as follows:

Merch by Amazon

My earnings so far from Merch by Amazon.

I have been focusing on uploading designs based on major events and trends.  Sales are still a bit slow.  However, I do see some sales for the big events are starting to pick up.


I have uploaded quite a few designs for Thanksgiving.

One of my Thanksgiving t-shirts is currently my best seller making around 2 sales a day.  Which is great as Thanksgiving is still a while out.  I have increased the price of this t-shirt and it is still selling.

Based on this result, I started uploading a lot more Thanksgiving t-shirts.  I have made these shirts use similar design components.  As I have heard that re-using aspects of best selling shirts works really well.

Black Friday t-shirts

I have also uploaded a few Black Friday shits.  This is a super busy shopping day in the USA.  You usually see a lot of viral videos with people running around like mad in shops.  So far no sales, but I am hoping that these start to pick up.

Trends – Football / Soccer World Cup qualification

I noticed that the World Cup qualification was trending.  Big news in the USA was that the US team failed to qualify for the World Cup in 2018.  I tried to find a design in this trend but was unable to do so.

However, I did try shirts for teams that had recently qualified for the World Cup such as Iceland and Panama.  The Iceland t-shirt sold straight away and then did not sell at all.

I will carry on looking out for good trends.

Weird and  less know events – Boss Appreciation Day and Mother In Law day

Another area I am targetting is more niche and weird Holidays.  There seems to be a special day every day of the year.  I have up uploaded shirts for Boss Appreciation Day and Mother In Law day

I have up uploaded shirts for Boss Appreciation Day and Mother In Law day which are towards the end of October and will see how they do.

.Pinterest no longer showing the number of repins!

As mentioned before, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for shirts.    You use to be able to determine how popular a post is by looking at the number of repins.    These popular posts are usually the best posts to use as t-shirt ideas.

However, Pinterest has recently decided to no longer show the number of repins.  So it now means that I no longer have that social proof if something is popular.

Nevertheless, I still use Pinterest and its a good source of ideas for t-shirts.

Etsy & Printful integration

Still no sales with Etsy & Printful integration.  I have been reading on Facebook that a good tactic is to create posts on Pinterest for the designs I am selling on Etsy.  As Etsy like it when you drive external traffic.

This is a lot of work but I plan to try it out on some designs.

Game Plan for next few Days

  • Find more Events and Trends to target.
  • Try to drive traffic to Etsy designs by putting up Pinterest posts.

Until next time, keep Halal Hustling.

Halal Hustle Guy