UPDATE 4: 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand

UPDATE 4: 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand

Welcome to my 4th Update in my 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand.  You can read the previous update here:

UPDATE 3: 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand

I also did the video of me going through this post:

Money Earned so Far

Merch by Amazon: $286.45

Etsy: $18

TOTAL: $304.45

I am getting closer to my target.  I am just over halfway through the challenge.  I am starting to see a bit of an uptake of sales from the work I did at the start of the Challenge.

Merch by Amazon

I have managed to start picking up sales in Merch by Amazon.

Merch by Amazon Results

Good results from Merch by Amazon.

Thesre have been some good sales with Thanksgiving.  My best seller from the last update is still selling well and pushing up the price has not effcetd sales.

Pretty Merch Chrome Extension

I heard about a new Chrome extension which is really nice for Merch by Amazon.  This extension gives a good overview on your Merch by Amazon sales.

I have put a screenshot of my Pretty Merch account below to give you an overview of my sales.

Pretty Merch Results

Pretty Merch Results

Filling up Merch by Amazon design slots

So far I have 364 designs out of my Merch by Amazon 500 tier.  Filling up these slots is important as it means that I will have more designs available for sale during the busy Holiday season.

Also, I want to tier up to the next 1000 slot tier.  From what I have read, I can only do this when I have filled 80% of my slots and made at least 500 sales.

Merch by Amazon only allows me to upload 10 designs a day in my tier.  So I will be focusing on using all my daily uploads to get my slots filled as soon as possible.


I’ve decided to keep putting up more Thanksgiving designs into Merch by Amazon.  This is mainly because I have some good sales and I expect this trend to continue as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

I already have a lot of Thanksgiving t-shirts up on there.  I am now trying to put up designs that no one else is doing.  So that there is less competition.

My main source of inspiration for this is looking on Etsy for designs that are not on Merch by Amazon.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday T-shirts

I have made a few sales with Black Friday shits.

So I decided to put up a few Cyber Monday shirts as well.  These designs were quite quick to make as I just reused the Black Friday designs.

New Years Day 2018

I have made my first sale for a New Years day 2018 t-shirt.  This is good news as we are 2 months away from 2018.  So I have decided to upload a lot more New Years Day t-shirts going forward.

Other Random Sales

Also, I am getting a lot of random sales from shirs I had created a while ado.  Which is really good and helping with my sales.

The key lesson here is to upload as many shirts as possible onto Merch by Amazon and use up all my available slots as quickly as possible.

Premium T-shirts

Merch by Amazon offers 2 types of shirts for sale.  They have Standard and Premium.  Most of the time people just use the Standard one  However, I have heard from Podcasts that Amazon sell out of shirts over the Holiday season.  So its good to have your best selling designs as Premium options as well in case that happens.

I heard about one seller who did really well because she had lots of t-shirts available as Premium designs over the Holiday period.  Because others had sold out because they only had standard t-shirts.

Etsy & Printful integration

I have not focused too much on my Etsy & Printful integration as my Merch by Amazon was doing well.  So I spent most of my time on it.

In the next few days, I plan on uploading my best designs using the Etsy & Printful integration.


On my other Etsy store, I made a custom sale for a friend.  This is was for his Cycling team.  I hope that once the rest of his team see the design then they will want one as well.  This sale just came out of the blue.

What I learned from this experience is let everyone that I’m doing Print on Demand.  As you never know who may want some t-shirts.

Weird Holidays – Magic Day, Cat Day, Author Day

I have made some designs for the following weird days – Magic Day, Author Day and Cat day.  These days will occur at the end of October.  So far no sales but will keep an eye on it as we get closer to these days.

Game plan for the next few days

  • Upload best selling designs using Etsy & Printful integration
  • Upload more New Years Day 2018 t-shirts.
  • Upload more Thanksgiving shirts.

Until next time, keep Halal Hustling.

Halal Hustle Guy