UPDATE 5: 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand

Welcome to my 5th Update in my 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand.  I am now getting close to the end of the challenge and made some good sales recently.

You can find my previous update here:

UPDATE 4: 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand

Money Earned so Far

Merch by Amazon: $410.31

Etsy: $18

TOTAL: $428.31

The last few days have been really good and I am almost at the $500 target.  Just need to make that $70 more.

Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon has been really good for me the past few days.

Merch by Amazon Results

Merch by Amazon Results

I have been able to make an extra $200 in the past few days. I will go into detail why this has been the case below.

Increasing Prices

I originally started off with low prices for my shirts – around $11.54.  I have increased most of the t-shirts now to $16.99.

What has been great is that the shirts have continued to sell.  This has enabled me to greatly increase my income.

Going forward, I am also making sure all shirts are listed at least $16.99 because we are heading into the holiday season.


My Thanksgiving best seller has continued to sell.  This shirt alone has made me over $100.

I have made a few other Thanksgiving shirt sales.  I am hoping these other shirts start to pick up more sales as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

I have uploaded many more Thanksgiving shirts and will continue to do so.  This way I have a greater chance finding another Thanksgiving bestseller.

Pretty Merch Screenshot

Latest Pretty Merch screenshot

Latest Pretty Merch screenshot

This is my latest Pretty Merch screenshot.  As you can see, my sales numbers have not increased greatly from my last update.  However, because of the price increases, it has meant that I have increased my revenue.

Filling up my Merch by Amazon slots

I have also filled up a lot more of my Merch by Amazon slots.  This means I am making use of the slots I have available and having more t-shirts available for sale.

Also, I hope to have all my slots filled within the next few weeks.  This will help me tier up to the next level – which is the 1000 tier.  In order to tier up, I need to make 500 sales and have most of my existing slots filled up.

I hope to have the necessary sales and slots filled up by the end of the year.  So that I can be ready to tier up at the start of the new year.

Continuing to make Sales from existing shirts

I am continuing to make sales from my existing shirts that I have created a while ago.  This seems to be a mix of designs that have sold before as well as designs that have never sold before.

This is the main reason why I love this business.  You can get paid over and over again with work that you have done once.  So the more designs you have available then the more potential you have to earn more.

Etsy & Printful integration

I have been focused on Merch by Amazon so have not done too much with the Etsy & Printful integration.

I keep saying that I will do Etsy & Printful integration work in every update but never end up doing it.  I end up putting all my focus on Merch by Amazon as this is giving me the most income.

However, I do want to diversify my income and not be totally dependent on Merch by Amazon.  So my plan going forward is to commit to doing at least 1 design a day on the Etsy & Printful integration.

What is really cool is that I have actually made my first sale using the Etsy & Printful integration.  However, Etsy has requested some verification documents from me.  So I’m currently waiting for Etsy to verify my documents before this order goes through.

More Weird Holidays – Kindness Day, Tolerance Day

I have created more designs for weird holidays.  I have sold some designs for weird holidays.  So I decided to continue to continue targetting more obscure holidays.

For the past few days, I have been targetting Kindness day and Tolerance day.  Which are coming up later on in November.

Also, some of the designs I have done previously were for Weird days that are still a while off.  So sales for these should pick up as we get closer to them.

Game plan for the next few days

  • Continue uploading unique Thanksgiving designs.
  • Upload at least 1 design using the Etsy & Printful integration.

Until next time, keep Halal Hustling.

Halal Hustle Guy