Woohoo – I am very excited to say that I have successfully completed my 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand!  I am really excited as this is the most I have ever made online.

The main reason for setting this challenge is to really push myself and the most I made previously was around $250.  So hitting $500 in a month feels incredible.

You can read about my previous update here:

UPDATE 5: 30 Day $500 Challenge using Print On Demand

Here is video I did going over this post:

Money Earned

Merch by Amazon: $479.46

Etsy: $25

TOTAL: $504 !!

As you can see I hit my total and I am so happy!

Merch by Amazon

I would not have completed my challenge if it was not for Merch by Amazon.  Almost all my income came from here.

The results are listed below:

Final 30 day challenge Merch by Amazon Results.

Pretty Merch

Below is a screenshot from Pretty Merch which shows my recent sales.  I have noticed that I am getting some more sales.  As you can see below, I had a few days where I was selling between 6-9 shirts.

Pretty Merch Screenshot

Lessons learned

I have learned a lot during this challenge and it really pushed me.  The challenge gave me focus and made me really think about what is going to make big increases in my income.

The main lessons I learned are listed below.

Find a big seller for a big Holiday like Thanksgiving

I found one really good seller in the Thanksgiving niche.  This single t-shirt made me over $100  Which is a significant portion of the income needed for this challenge.

In order to find this bestseller, I had to upload a lot of Thanksgiving shirts.  I uploaded at least 30 different Thanksgiving designs and ended up with one really good selling design.

This is totally worth doing as you can make way more sales when you target a big event and find a best seller.

Prioritise Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon pretty much made all my money for this challenge.  I only made a bit of money from the Etsy and the Printful integration.

I was spending time trying to figure out Etsy & Printful integration which meant that time was being taken from Merch by Amazon.  Some days I was not spending any time at all on Merch by Amazon and just doing Etsy.

This doesn’t make sense so I ended prioritizing Merch by Amazon and only spending a limited amount of time on Etsy.

However, it is important to learn about Etsy & Printful.  As I want to diversify my income and not be totally reliant on Merch by Amazon.

Increasing Prices

I initially tried having really low prices on my shirts to begin with.  I would then slowly increase the price as they stated selling.

I found that having low prices did not make much of a difference.  If someone liked a t-shirt then they would buy it as long as the shirt was reasonably priced.

I priced my t-shirt at $16.99 and this worked for me as a good price.

Filling up my Merch by Amazon slots and getting random sales

Another thing I focused on was making sure I fill up all my Merch by Amazon slots and use my daily upload limits.

This is so that I can have the maximum number of products available for sale.

The great thing about Merch by Amazon is that you find you make random sales of designs that you had put up a long time ago.  I had this Bull dog design up for a couple of months and for some reason it just sold the other day.

So I need to make sure I use up all my slots on Merch by Amazon as quickily as possible.  I am on the 500 tier which means that I can 500 designs on sale at any one time.  I can’t fill those up in one go as Merch by Amazon only allows me to  10 designs per day.  So have I been maxing out my daily upload limit and have nearly filled up all my slots.

I am also hoping that early next year I get tiered up to 1000 slots.  In order to do that I will need to fill up my slots and get 500 sales.

Need to learn to how to optimise the Etsy & Printful integration

I ended up making 1 sale on the Etsy & Printful integration.  I was hoping to make a lot more sales using this platform.  However, this platform is different and I have to learn how to optimise my designs for more sales.

This is something I wll continue to do.  The main reason is that I want to diversify my income and also because I have heard other people doing really well.

More testing on finding top trends

Trends are things that are popular right now.  The Solar Eclipse in the USA was a massive trend and a lot of people made a lot of money with it.

I tried targetting the Soccer World Cup qualification trend.  I created t-shits for teams that had recently qualified or were close to qualifying.  I made a few sales for Iceland & Ireland shirts.

I need to do more testing with trends and try some more out.

Weird Holidays need more testing

I targetted a lot of niche and weird holidays like Kindness day and Boss Appreciation Day.

I did sell the odd t-shirt but did not get any major sales so far.  Therefore, this is something I will continue to be testing.

Wrap up

The key takeaway I learned is that my main focus should be targetting big Events and Trends.  As that thats where you can make some really big sales.  However, you need to test lots of designs in order to try and find that one best selling design.  In my case, by finding a good Thanksgiving shirt I made me over $100.

Also, Merch by Amazon provided pretty much all my income.  So I need to make sure I prioritise it while also testing other platforms.

Another key lesson is you never know what sells.  I had some random designs that I had put up months ago that have only now sold.  So you just need to try everything.

Thanks for following along and I am currently thinking about my next challenge!

Until next time, keep Halal Hustling.

Halal Hustle Guy